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For the moment, I can accept payments through Paypal only. 
Full payment must be made before I can begin a custom order. 

Full payment (including shipment costs) must be made before shipping. 

Deposits and 2 part or 3 part payments are possible, but complete payment must be made before shipping.


All international items are shipped using EMS - the Express Mail Service from the Indonesian Post Office. I have found this service to be reliable and efficient. 

Delivery time is within 10-14 days from the date your purchase is ready - occasionally as little as 5 days, but it's better to be safe than disappointed. 
If you just can't wait and would like your purchase sooner, contact me to arrange express delivery with a Courier Service. But bear in mind that express shipping from Indonesia is not cheap! and is often not even faster...
Please do track your shipment with the tracking number I give you - you will receive a shipping notification when your order has shipped.
PoisonBabe cannot be held responsible for packages already shipped. 

Please also be aware that different countries have different Customs regulations.
Usually all packages sent via post arrive at their destination unhindered, but occasionally a picky Custom's official will decide to hold on to it and ask for a fee. This, again, is your responsibility to check - please! 

If you choose express delivery via DHL, FedEx, TNT etc, please be advised that the package will be checked at Customs and it is likely that you will have to pay a fee.



I am afraid that refunds, returns or exchanges are generally not accepted, as most of my orders are custom orders - so it is unlikely that I will find another customer exactly your size and with exactly your taste! 
If you are unhappy for some reason, please contact me and explain and I will endeavour to remedy the problem if possible and if reasonable, providing you ship the item back to me, and then back to yourself.
Yalla habibi!


Wholesale and troupe orders are welcome! Please contact me for further information.